The hustle and bustle of cafeterias. Waves of customers coming in and out. Tables constantly being filled, wiped down and banged around. Whether it’s in the workplace, c-store, school, military base or travel plaza, cafeterias are mealtime chaos. And that’s Plymold territory.

Cafeteria furniture needs to be able to take a beating. Plymold crafts a quality, durable product, one that’s famous for withstanding the most demanding environments. Especially one where the customers aren’t being exactly careful.

We offer a variety of styles and configurations to fit different purposes. We have a range of material and finish options. Plymold products are easy-to-clean, with several fixed-seating options that make sure everything stays put when your cleaning crew works.

On-the-go meals are best served with a side of great furniture. Let us know how we can help you. Our team will cover the works, from consultation to delivery, installation, and follow-up.