Purchasing commercial furniture is a major investment. You want dependable performance in the field and a lower cost of ownership. You want to ‘set it and forget it’.


Step one for a superior product. Superior materials. We choose our suppliers carefully and hand-pick the highest quality components.

Our metal frames are processed through a multiple stage washing system to ensure the substrate is treated optimally. After the powder is applied, it’s cured in our commercial bake oven. Our commercial grade vinyl and upholstery is designed to stand up to the daily rigors of a busy establishment. We use a polyurethane finish for our solid wood tables to increase durability. We use only industry-best suppliers for all our laminated products.

About Us


In the furniture industry, tough testing matters. Using in-house equipment, our engineers have been trained to demand more to ensure durability and safety. All products are subjected to a long litany of tests, utilizing time-honored, industry-best standards. Nothing goes unchecked. We like to call it ‘torture-testing’. Products are pulled, scratched, tipped, and bashed to simulate the wear-and-tear commercial furniture is subjected to every day. Having such a rigorous testing process in place gives us confidence we’ll deliver quality product time and again. And only those deemed worthy of carrying the Plymold name are ever offered to customers.


We believe in the durability of our product. And we back it up with a comprehensive product warranty. All items carry a minimum 1-year warranty with many of the most durable Items carrying a 7-year warranty. There are no time restrictions on when or how long items are used—our warranties cover continuous use—24/7/365. Warranty information is also shown alongside each product in our on-line store.


Tasked with furnishing multiple units? For decades we’ve supplied many brands during growth and rebranding phases. In fact, our furnishings can be found in 5 of the top 10 quick service restaurant brands. See how we can simplify your job. Learn More.