Dining alfresco at restaurants or even at the workplace can make every meal taste better. Outdoor dining areas can expand your dining area and improve the overall dining experience for your customers or employees. Plymold is your source for top-quality outdoor commercial dining tables and chairs that meet and exceed quality expectations. We offer durable industrial patio furniture that can withstand the elements and enhance your outdoor dining space. 

Industrial Outdoor Contract Furniture 

Plymold industrial outdoor contract furniture for restaurants and businesses embodies durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal, meeting the demands of commercial spaces while adding a touch of modernity. Crafted from robust materials like powder-coated aluminum frames, recycled plastic lumber, steel surface mount bases and lumber with UV inhibitors, these pieces are designed to withstand diverse weather conditions without compromising on style. Their sleek designs often feature clean lines, modern shapes, and versatile finishes, complementing various architectural settings. Moreover, the ergonomic structure ensures comfort for patrons while offering easy maintenance and longevity for businesses. From chic bistro sets to industrial dining tables and comfortable commercial seating, this furniture blends form with functionality, elevating outdoor spaces and enhancing the overall ambiance of restaurants and commercial establishments.