Case Study: Transforming an Automotive Production Plant’s Team Areas with Plymold Commercial Furniture

May 21, 2024
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Client Profile

  • Industry: Automotive production plant
  • Location: Arlington, TX


This Texas automotive production plant was looking to update the team areas within their facility. With a focus on improving team amenities and replacing their original worn-out plastic picnic tables and old employee break room furniture inherited from another plant, the client sought to enhance the overall environment for their 5,000 employees working in multiple shifts.


Product Selection: After noticing the Plymold branding on older furniture they had inherited from another facility, this automotive plant chose Plymold’s commercial furniture to revitalize their team areas. The client appreciated Plymold’s superior durability and customization options. Plus, our US-made quality aligned with their preference for reliable, domestically sourced furniture and gave them confidence we’d stand behind our products with long-term support.

Education and Collaboration: We worked closely with the client, providing education on various product features such as island vs. wall units, different chair head styles, and types of table edging. Samples were brought in, and employees were involved in choosing styles and designs to ensure the furnishings met their preferences and needs.

Seamless Installation: Because there were 60 different group rooms throughout the plant that needed to be installed over several months, Plymold staff provided on-site training so plant employees could easily install the furniture at their own pace. Overall, we shipped 3 truckloads of furniture that were delivered over the course of 6 weeks. To make everything as easy as possible for the client, we palletized and organized the order by room, allowing them to systematically unload and install furniture throughout the 60 different team areas.  


Improved Environment: The transition from the original worn-out, plastic picnic tables and inherited furniture to Plymold’s cluster units significantly enhanced the team area aesthetics and functionality. Employees were thrilled with the upgrade, noting that the new Plymold cluster seating is great for a variety of body sizes and heights and provides a durable surface for lots of different activities (eating, cards, dominoes, etc.).

Ease of Maintenance: Standardizing furnishings throughout the facility has streamlined the maintenance and cleaning process, contributing to long-term cost savings and operational efficiency. Even though their team is rough on the employee break room furniture, Plymold’s fixed cluster seating units don’t move, making the cleaning crew’s job much easier. 

Future Collaboration: Because of their positive experience, this automotive production plant expressed a strong willingness to collaborate with Plymold again in the future stating, “Plymold demonstrated a well-organized process that made the large project in our 6 million square foot facility easy to execute without any disruptions.”

They were particularly impressed with our ability to creatively come up with solutions to shipping and installation challenges and navigate financial agreements unique to the automotive industry.

By partnering with Plymold, our client experienced the successful transformation of their large-scale automotive production plant team areas.  

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