Starting as Foldcraft in 1948 and acquiring the Plymold brand in 1967, our U.S.-made products have a long-standing history in the industry. As commercial furniture manufacturers, we now equip about 1300 locations with new contract furniture every month, including over 20 global brands. Since we are constantly growing and evolving, so is our inventory. When a model is discontinued due to a new design or other reasons, we offer these items at a discounted price. 

Discounted Restaurant and Bar Furniture

As a top restaurant furniture manufacturer, Plymold makes durable, comfortable bar and restaurant furniture. When a table, chair, or booth design is changed for any reason, we may discontinue the model and mark the price down for clearance. If your business is looking for quality restaurant furniture for sale at a lower price, keep an eye on our clearance page. The inventory is constantly changing as we update our restaurant furniture and need to make room in our warehouse by marking down discontinued items. 

Discounted Cafeteria and Breakroom Furniture

Plymold specializes in specialty furniture designed to withstand constant use in a commercial environment. We have a large inventory of breakroom furniture, such as booths, chairs, waste disposal stations, and other items for employee lounges. As we update designs, older designs may be discontinued and discounted to move them quickly out of our warehouse. Our clients can often find cafeteria tables, industrial metal chairs, and other commercial-grade furniture for a lower price, with the same high quality as all our Plymold products.