Commercial Furniture Care & Maintenence

August 15, 2023
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You’ve invested in commercial furniture, now what? It is important that you know how to clean and maintain it properly so that you get the best value out of your investment. Here are some tips:

Inspect Furniture Monthly for Signs of Wear

A monthly inspection of your furniture is necessary to ensure long-term durability and will reveal any potential issues. Look for loose screws and bolts. If you find any, remove the product from service and tighten it immediately; if they’re missing completely, replace them before they cause further damage or injury. Inspect all of the joints for loosening. One loose joint will put additional pressure on other joints, resulting in all joints loosening which may result in product failure.

Take care when handling your furniture. The product should not be dropped on the floor from any height, this is especially important while cleaning. If the product is dropped or tipped, it could result in the finish chipping and possibly lead to product failure. Do not use your furniture as a ladder, step stool, or worktable.

Cleaning your furniture on a regular basis is equally important. The most important thing to remember is that care needs to be taken when choosing cleaning products. Products used in other parts of the operation to sanitize and disinfect can cause irreparable damage to furniture and should never be used to clean it.

Upholstery – Fabric & Vinyl

The proper care and cleaning of your upholstery (vinyl and fabric) is critical to maintaining its durability and appearance. Not all upholstery is created equal. The demands for better performance along with more environmental regulations that eliminate harsh chemicals have resulted in a variety of vinyl types and numerous protective coatings applied to woven fabrics. Care must be taken when cleaning, so you don’t compromise any stain protective coatings or degrade the composition of the vinyl.

To remove ordinary dirt, smudges, and water-soluble stains, such as coffee, tea, juice, and soft drinks; use a mild soap and water solution. Remove any soap solution by wiping with a cloth and clean water, finally dry with a soft cloth or towel. Do not allow water to sit on vinyl as it may damage the finish.

Refurb, a Plymold exclusive cleaning product, is available at and is our recommended product for cleaning vinyl upholstery. Another product recommended by upholstery manufacturers is Formula 409® All-Purpose Spray Cleaner, use it with a soft cloth or damp sponge and rinse the cleaned area with fresh water then dry it with a clean, lint-free cloth. If any cleaner other than soap and water is used, the material MUST be rinsed with clean water and dried with a clean cloth. Failure to rinse thoroughly with clean water and pat dry may lead to cleaner build-up and cause surface deterioration.

Fabric upholstery benefits from regular vacuuming or light brushing to remove dust and grime. Use a soft toothbrush to clean seams where dirt may collect.

For more stubborn stains, refer to the upholstery manufacturer’s recommended cleaning methods on their website. Treat spills and stains promptly. The longer the stain remains, the more difficult it will be to remove.

Laminate Tabletops

Laminate tabletops are a great option for commercial use because they are more durable than wood and can be cleaned with mild soap and water. For stubborn stains use a paste of baking soda and water. Leave on for a minute and wipe away, rinse the surface then dry. Do not use chemicals or abrasives on laminate tabletops, as they may damage the finish over time. Make sure to wipe up acid-based spills immediately and then rinse with clean water.

Solid Wood Tabletops & Edges

We recommend cleaning all wood table tops and those with wood edges using a liquid cleaner-wax combination. Use a soft, clean cloth to wipe down your tabletops. Do not use abrasive or harsh cleaners as they will damage the finish of your furniture. Water spills on wood surfaces should be wiped off immediately. Do not use a water-based cleaning solution or water itself as it will result in the wood grain and finish lifting and peeling.

Avoid extreme temperatures or environments with high humidity (i.e., basements) as much as possible as these things may cause warping or cracking in your pieces’ wooden components.

Metal Frames

Wipe with a damp cloth. Use mild soap and water to clean off any stubborn stains from your frame’s surface. Be careful not to scuff or scratch the surface while cleaning.

Composite Seats

Remove any dirt or marks with a solution of mild soap and water. Heavy soiling can be cleaned using one of the following non-abrasive cleaners and a soft cloth:

Rinse the cleaned area with a damp cloth and dry.

Dur-A-Edge®, PVC, Vinyl, & Aluminum Table Edges

Clean using a soft cloth and a mild soap and water solution. Dry with a soft, clean cloth to avoid any water spots.

We hope that you’ve learned some great tips and tricks for how to care for your commercial furniture. We know it can be a daunting process, but with the right knowledge and tools, it doesn’t have to be! If you have any questions or concerns about the information provided, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at