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    Choosing the Right Materials: Furniture for Harsh Manufacturing Environments

    In manufacturing environments, where conditions can be extreme and demanding, choosing the right commercial furniture is important. The right materials can enhance productivity, safety, and durability, while the wrong choices can lead to frequent replacements, increased costs, and even safety hazards.  Let’s explore the importance of selecting appropriate materials for breakroom furniture in manufacturing environments […]

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    News / June 2024

    Plymold Receives Patent for Innovative Retractable Wheel Assembly

    Plymold, a leading manufacturer of commercial furniture and fixtures, proudly announces the receipt of patent # US-11986095-B2 for its innovative retractable wheel assembly, specifically designed for the Rolling Mesa Booths. This mechanism sets a new standard in the market, offering unprecedented convenience and functionality. The patented retractable wheel assembly distinguishes itself by allowing the Rolling […]

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