Choosing the Right Materials: Furniture for Harsh Manufacturing Environments

June 7, 2024
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In manufacturing environments, where conditions can be extreme and demanding, choosing the right commercial furniture is important. The right materials can enhance productivity, safety, and durability, while the wrong choices can lead to frequent replacements, increased costs, and even safety hazards. 

Let’s explore the importance of selecting appropriate materials for breakroom furniture in manufacturing environments and provide insights into the best options available.

Understanding the Challenges of Harsh Manufacturing Environments

Manufacturing environments often involve exposure to various harsh conditions, including:

Heavy Use: Furniture in these settings must withstand heavy daily use from multiple shifts of workers.

Exposure: Regular exposure to dust, dirt, chemicals, oil, grease, and debris can affect both the functionality and longevity of furniture.

Frequent Cleaning: Manufacturing breakroom furniture needs to withstand frequent cleaning and contact with sanitization solutions. 

Given these challenges, it’s essential to choose materials that can withstand such conditions without compromising on performance or safety.

Key Considerations When Choosing Materials

When selecting materials for commercial furniture in manufacturing environments, consider the following factors:

Durability: The material should be robust enough to endure constant use and exposure to harsh conditions.

Ease of Maintenance: The material should be easy to clean and maintain, ensuring hygiene and safety.

Cost-Effectiveness: Investing in high quality materials results in a longer replacement cycle, making quality furniture more cost-effective in the long run.

Best Options for Harsh Manufacturing Environments

Dur-A-Edge® Tabletops 

Plymold’s renowned Dur-A-Edge® tables stand out as the most durable and long-lasting options on the market, which is why they are found in manufacturing breakrooms across the nation. Made in the USA from high-quality polyurethane, these tables are designed to withstand frequent impacts, spills, and general wear and tear without sacrificing their structural integrity or aesthetic appeal. Plus, their seamless design leaves no room for dirt or bacteria to accumulate, making cleaning and sanitization easy. Combined with our robust metal bases or frames, they are built to thrive in demanding industrial environments.

Dur-A-Edge tables are engineered to maintain their like-new appearance for many years, even in harsh manufacturing environments. That’s why we offer a 7-year warranty for Dur-A-Edge tables under normal indoor use. By investing in high-quality materials from the start, you can reduce the cost of ownership and enjoy superior products for years to come!

Cluster Seating

Cluster seating helps optimize your space by providing a compact seating solution that can accommodate large groups of people. This is particularly beneficial in breakrooms, cafeterias, or meeting areas within manufacturing facilities where space may be limited. 

Cluster seating’s fixed design means fewer individual pieces to move around, making the cleaning process straightforward. The connected seats and tables allow for quick wipe-downs and easy floor cleaning, streamlining maintenance processes. The integrated design also minimizes the wear and tear that can occur with individual chairs and tables and reduces the likelihood of damage from frequent movement, leading to longer-lasting breakroom furniture.

Selecting the right materials for furniture in manufacturing environments is critical to ensuring durability, safety, and efficiency. 

By carefully considering the specific needs of your space and choosing materials that can withstand those conditions, you can enhance the productivity, safety, and longevity of your furniture. Ultimately, investing in high-quality, appropriate materials will lead to cost savings and a more efficient, safer workspace.

At Plymold, we’ve helped a wide range of manufacturers furnish their spaces with high-quality commercial furniture.

We prioritize durability and ease of maintenance to ensure our breakroom furniture not only meets but exceeds the demands of manufacturing environments. 

Contact our team of experts to help you make informed decisions about the best materials and commercial furniture designs to use in your space!