Plymold Receives Patent for Innovative Retractable Wheel Assembly

June 4, 2024
Posted in : News, Products

Plymold, a leading manufacturer of commercial furniture and fixtures, proudly announces the receipt of patent # US-11986095-B2 for its innovative retractable wheel assembly, specifically designed for the Rolling Mesa Booths. This mechanism sets a new standard in the market, offering unprecedented convenience and functionality.

The patented retractable wheel assembly distinguishes itself by allowing the Rolling Mesa Booth to be effortlessly moved and securely set in place. This unique design enables users to lock the booth in a stationary position for stable use and safety purposes, such as by students in educational settings, while also providing the flexibility to engage the wheels for mobility easily.

This breakthrough was inspired by a customer’s unique request, which challenged us to think creatively and push the boundaries of our engineering capabilities. Ingeniously solving problems is at the core of Plymold and our teams collaborated to ensure we met, and ultimately surpassed, the needs of our customer.

“Our retractable wheel assembly is unlike anything currently available”, said Ryan Dahnert, CEO of Plymold. “This innovation highlights our team’s ingenuity and hard work. We’re excited to bring this product to market.”

This patent is a testament to Plymold’s commitment to innovation and excellence. The company continues to invest in research and development to bring forward-thinking solutions to its customers, ensuring its products remain at the forefront of the industry.

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