Determining the Best Table Edge Profile for Your Space

July 9, 2024
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Whether you’re searching for restaurant furniture or industrial breakroom tables, choosing the right table edge is crucial for any commercial space. The right table edge design can enhance durability, ease of cleaning, and long-term cost-effectiveness while contributing to the overall design aesthetic. If you’re looking for the best table edge profile for your commercial space, here are a few reasons why Plymold’s Dur-A-Edge® tables are the perfect solution for your project.


Durability is a top priority when selecting restaurant or breakroom tables. Frequent heavy use, spills, and general wear and tear can quickly degrade inferior materials. Plymold’s Dur-A-Edge® tables are made in the USA from high-quality polyurethane specifically chosen for its impact resistance and ability to endure harsh conditions without chipping or cracking. Their robust construction ensures they maintain structural integrity and aesthetic appeal, even under heavy use. 

Ease of Cleaning

In any commercial environment, cleaning is an important part of your daily routine. Traditional table edges with seams and joints can harbor dirt and bacteria, making cleaning and sanitization a difficult task. Dur-A-Edge® tables feature a seamless design that eliminates these problem areas. The smooth, continuous surface leaves no room for contaminants to hide, allowing for quick and thorough cleaning. This is particularly beneficial in environments where hygiene is critical, such as breakrooms, cafeterias, or restaurant dining areas.

Size, Shape, and Color Options

It’s essential to choose tables that not only meet functional requirements but also complement the aesthetic and layout of your space. When choosing restaurant furniture or breakroom tables, make sure there are a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors available so they fit seamlessly into your design. Plymold’s Dur-A-Edge® tables offer a variety of customization options. Whether you need a compact round table for a cozy cafe or a large communal table for a bustling employee breakroom, Dur-A-Edge®  tables come in a range of sizes and shapes to suit your needs. Additionally, we offer a wide selection of colors and different edge profiles to choose from so you can ensure that your tables enhance the visual appeal of your space while providing unmatched functionality.

Long-Term Cost Effectiveness

While initial cost is always a consideration, the long-term cost-effectiveness of your breakroom or restaurant furniture should not be overlooked. Investing in high-quality tables like Dur-A-Edge® can significantly reduce the total cost of ownership over time. These tables are engineered to maintain their like-new appearance for many years, reducing the need for frequent replacements. Their durability and ease of maintenance translate into savings on repairs and replacement. Additionally, Plymold offers a 7-year warranty for Dur-A-Edge® tables under normal indoor use, providing peace of mind and ensuring a long-term return on investment.

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Plymold’s renowned Dur-A-Edge® tables stand out as the most durable and long-lasting table edge option on the market. Known for their ability to stand up to demanding commercial environments, they are a popular choice in breakrooms, cafeterias, and restaurants across the nation. 

By choosing Dur-A-Edge® tables, you’re not just selecting furniture; you’re opting for a solution that offers superior durability, ease of cleaning, and long-term cost-effectiveness. 

Invest in Dur-A-Edge® tables and experience the difference that high-quality, durable, and easy-to-maintain furniture can make in your commercial space.

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