Why Does Made in US Matter?

April 5, 2024
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Choosing restaurant furniture or employee break room furniture that is made in the US represents a commitment to quality, sustainability, and local support. However, in today’s global marketplace, American-made products have become the exception instead of the norm. 

At Plymold, we take immense pride in crafting our commercial furniture right here in the United States, and we believe there are several compelling reasons why “Made in the US” matters in the commercial furniture industry.

Uncompromising Quality

When you choose American-made restaurant furniture or employee break room furniture, you’re investing in superior craftsmanship and quality materials. 

All the materials we use at Plymold are carefully selected to ensure our furniture products are of the highest quality. From our metal frames to our vinyl and upholstery, our products are commercial-grade and made to withstand the daily rigors of demanding environments.

To ensure our products are up to the challenges of a busy commercial environment, we put them through rigorous testing using ANSI-BIFMA based standards. We pull, scratch, tip, and bash our products to simulate the wear and tear commercial furniture is subjected to every day. This gives us confidence that we are delivering quality furniture that will serve our customers well for years to come.

Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility

American manufacturers prioritize eco-friendly practices.  By choosing products made in the US, you are showing a dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility. 

Sustainability is a priority at Plymold. We practice Lean Manufacturing and are constantly improving our processes as we source environmentally-friendly raw materials, evaluate inefficiencies to reduce our carbon footprint, and recycle waste from our manufacturing facility. 

By choosing domestically produced commercial furniture, you can directly contribute to a more sustainable future and take an active role in caring for the health of our plant.

Supporting Local Communities 

Supporting American-made products is a direct investment in local communities and the domestic economy. When you choose restaurant furniture or employee break room furniture that is made in the US, you are supporting local jobs, fostering economic growth, and strengthening the local manufacturing sector. 

At Plymold, we are committed to our employees and our local community. Our founder, Harold Neilson, was a strong believer in community. When he retired, he sold the company back to the people who helped him build the business. To this day, we remain 100% employee owned.

We are always looking for ways to give back. From supporting and sponsoring our local sports teams to offering scholarships to employee families and local high school students, we are committed to being an active part of our local community.

Supply Chain Control

Companies that choose commercial furniture made in the US benefit from shorter lead times and reliable support throughout the procurement process. 

By manufacturing domestically, Plymold has greater control over the entire production process, from locally sourcing raw materials to delivering the finished product. Unlike relying on shipments from overseas, which can be subject to delays, customs issues, or unforeseen disruptions, domestically produced furniture streamlines the supply chain, reducing logistical complexities and uncertainties. This allows us to offer more reliable lead times and meet tight project deadlines with confidence.

Investing in American-Made Commercial Furniture

“Made in the US” is more than just a label—it’s a sign of superior quality, a step towards sustainability, and an investment in local communities. 

At Plymold, we take pride in our American-made furniture, and we’re committed to delivering exceptional restaurant furniture and employee break room furniture to businesses across the nation. 

Join us in embracing the significance of “Made in the US” and experience the difference firsthand. Contact us to get started today!